Level up your
commission workflow.

Commissions on autopilot: Accurate, secure, and effortless.

Automated Calculations

Ditch the spreadsheets and back of the envelope math - let our automated platform free up your time and ensures accurate payouts, every month.

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Monthly Reports

Sales rep performance, crystal clear.  Our platform generates automatic monthly reports for each rep, giving you valuable insights at a glance.

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Powerful Insights

Beyond the numbers, gain the knowledge.  Our powerful analytics tab unlocks insights to optimize your commission plan and drive sales success.

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Trust built, deals closed.

A separate login for your  sales team members allows them immediate access to their latest earnings, performance analytics, and detailed commission reports. This transparency keeps your team motivated and informed while saving you valuable hours managing payouts.

Time, money, morale.

Compflow bridges your finance-sales team gap with automated calculations and transparent reporting that builds trust. Empower your sales team and free up your finance team for strategic initiatives.