Our Backstory

Having honed their expertise in top-level finance for high-growth tech startups, the Founders of Compflow experienced the challenges of managing complex commission structures. Imagine overseeing a team of 80+ sales reps, each with distinct commission plans – a scenario that translates to countless hours spent battling spreadsheets.

Month after month, a significant portion of work hours were consumed by manually inputting employee IDs into a cumbersome Excel model to generate individual commission reports.  The process didn't end there. Each report then had to be painstakingly converted to PDF files and emailed to each sales rep – a system brimming with inefficiency and prone to errors. On top of that, there was no additional capacity to analyze the data and pull out critical insights that drive better decision making.

Compflow is a tool that automates the drudgery of commission calculations and empowers businesses to focus on what matters most: growth and success.

Frustrated by the lack of user-friendly solutions, they embarked on a mission to find a better way. After an exhaustive search revealed limited options – either clunky, prohibitively expensive, or simply unavailable – Compflow was born. Driven by this experience, we built a streamlined, automated commission platform that empowers businesses to save valuable time, foster clear communication between finance and sales teams, and ultimately,  focus on achieving their strategic goals.